Sunset at the Coffee Estate - Wax Painting

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Arati Bedekar from Bangalore

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Sunset at the Coffee Estate - Wax Painting


This is a wax painting of a coffee estate is inspired by a beautiful place called Chikamaglur in Bangalore, India. I have tried to capture and replicate the lush greenery and the coffee estates in this painting.

Wax paintings involves using heated beeswax with added pigments. This mixture is applied on a glossy card paper and a heating tool is used shape the paint.

It is unique and almost impossible to replicate. Encaustic (Hot Wax) painting dates back to ancient Greece. This painting is a modern form of Encaustic art. It is done mostly with the help of a hot iron (like a small travel iron) and colored wax blocks. The effects produced are amazing.

Once applied to a surface, encaustic paint doesn't need to dry. Instead, it needs to cool which it does within minutes. Additional coats can be added almost immediately.

Once its surface has cooled, encaustic paint presents a permanent finish, and yet the painting can be revised and reworked at any time, whether seconds or years later.

This painting is unique and almost impossible to replicate.

The dimensions of this painting are:

Length: 7.45 inches
Breadth: 9.5 inches

Care instructions

Avoid direct heat and sunlight. Do not place over heater.


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