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Common grounds – Wayuu Indian fashion

14 Aug

The Wayuu are an Amerindian ethnic group from the La Guajira Peninsula in North Columbia and Northwest Venezuela. The fashion world recently sat up and took notice of this fascinating community when Colombian designers Bertha Enriquez and Martha Arredondo showcased their Wayuu inspired collections that captured the culture and heritage of the Wayuu tribe.

The line featured vividly colorful pieces with asymmetrical silhouettes, different textures and soft fabrics, aimed to capture the traditional Wayuu fashion combined with urban touches.

Enriquez says, “It's a tribute to Wayuu iconography, representing the fabrics that they use but also giving expression to that iconography in the needlework on the fabric, the natural silks I use in this collection.”

Arrendondo’s collection focuses on a bright range of colors, and alternative material like leather and stone. She’s also included the traditional Wayuu ‘mochila’ or shoulder bag in the collection.

Featuring Pinks, greens, intricate and bold prints and vibrant textures, their Wayuu Indian Culture inspired collection which walked the ramp at the Bogota Fashion Week blew us away.

What we especially love about Wayuu fashion is just how much it has in common with Indian style. From the colors, prints and textures, there is so much common ground between the styles of these two unique cultures

Bertha Enriquez Collection at Bogota Fashion Week

Bright, Bold colors

Fabulous Ikat Print

Pinks, Greens, Blues and Yellows, colors that feature strongly in the Indian fashion schema are prominently displayed in the Wayuu Indian Culture inspired collections at the Bogota Fashion Week. These styles are fabulously showcased against a purely Indian backdrop of silk, bringing out the vibrant essence of these stunning hues.

Marta Arredondo's Collection at Bogota Fashion Week

Bright, intricate prints

Alternate material and prints

No holds barred

With its fabulous sense of style and shared love for color, fabric and style with India, we definitely vote for Wayuu all the way!

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