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Celebrating Orange, White and Green - Happy Independence Day!

14 Aug

Celebrate Independence Day


Time to celebrate courage, peace and prosperity! Go Orange, White and Green today and join us in celebrating our 66th Independence Day! Mix and match between this Orange Floral Candy Colored Stole, Orange Thread Hoop Earrings and Orange Paisley Glass Stone Earrings. Perk up the look with this gorgeous Green Asymmetric Beads Enamel Tumble Necklace, Green Cane Clutch, White Beads Macrame Knots Necklace or Pearl Hoop Earrings. Or take the easy way out and combine colors with this beautiful Orange and Green Contemporary Chic Necklace and Dark Green Hexagon with Orange Acrylic Bangle. Go all out and dress up your home too with this Yellow and Orange Basketweave Cushion Cover, Green Geometrical Baluchari Weave Cushion Cover and Green Spiral Tea Light Holder. So here’s to a celebration and making a fabulous tricolor style statement!

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