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Get Hooked!

26 Aug

The intricate art of Crochet dates back to the 19th century and thrives on even today. Fabulous colors, designs and techniques combine to create gorgeous pieces that range from clothing and accessories to home furnishings.

All tied up in knots!

Fun and Funky with Crochet!

Though similar to knitting, crochet uses a crochet hook with only one live stitch, as against knitting which carries keeps an entire row of stitches active at the same time across two needles.

Quirky one-of-a-kind earrings!

Baubles of beauty

To begin with a slip-knot loop is placed on the hook.

Doing the Chain stitch – Move the hoop over and under the yarn, and pull the yarn through the slip knot to create the first chain stitch. Keep repeating till the required number of chain stitches is completed.

Doing the Slip stitch – Insert the hook into the second chain from the top of the hook and wrap the yarn around the hook. Pull the hook through both loops on the hook to make the slip stich. Keep repeating with the next stich of the the chain.

Doing the Double crochet – Insert the hook into the third chain stitch. Wind the yarn around the hook and pull it through the chain loop, leaving two loops on the hook. Wind the yarn around the hook again and pull it through both the loops and repeat the process.

Get hooked with Crochet!

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