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Wanderlust Wednesday – Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Aurangabad

14 Aug

Indulge yourself in archaeology, history and have an overall grand adventure exploring the ancient caves and relics of the Ajanta and Ellora caves of Aurangabad, India.

Panoramic view of Ajanta caves

Amazing Ellora

Image courtesy Unique Daily (top) and Study Blue (Below)

The fabulous, mind boggling Ajanta caves are a series of 29 rock cut Buddhist cave monuments that were built in two phases starting in the 2nd Century BCE and then in 400-650 CE

Inside Ajanta

The Buddha

Exquisite Paintings

Image courtesy India Voice (Top), Rocksea and Sarah 2011 (Middle) and AjantaElloraCaves (Below)

The caves contain paintings and sculptures which are masterpieces of Buddhist art including sculptures of the Buddha and depictions of tales from the Jataka (Buddhist literature). A place to live, learn and study, the caves were a sort of college monastery to Buddhist monks to achieve enlightenment.

A place of learning

Amazing ancient art

Peace and serenity at Ajanta

Hidden secrets of Ajanta

Image courtesy AdventuresOfPotliBaba (Top), MyOpera (Second), Bestourism (third) and Romania Megalitica (Below)

Ellora, 29 kilometers from Aurangabad, represents the pinnacle of Indian rock cut architecture. The 34 caves were constructed from the vertical hill face during the Rashtrakuta dynasty.

Wander through History

Breathtaking architecture

Siva Sculpture

Image courtesy Wikimedia (top), PositiveChangeOnEarth (Middle) and Moxon (below)

The twelve Buddhist caves, sixteen Hindu caves and four Jain caves built in close proximity with each other are a clear indication of the religious harmony of those times.

Otherworldly beauty

Inspiring beauty

Image courtesy Rocksea and Sarah 2011 (top) and Travelinspiration (Below)

These exquisite monuments were crafted by hand, with only a hammer and chisel as aid. The splendor of the paintings and sculptures at Ajanta, combined with the magnificent architecture at Ellora makes a visit to these caves completely, absolutely and without any reservations worth your while.

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